Lazy Susan Tables

This is a pretty neat idea for larger dining room tables.  I call it the lazy Susan dining room table.  I have noticed that when you have a functional lazy Susan on some larger tables, they have a tendency to actually dominate the tabletop rather than enhance.  Once these susans get around 24 inches and larger, they get heavy and it can be difficult to move to clean underneath.  They can also get in the way when doing things like a reading the newspaper, folding clothes, or maybe working at a school project.  Here is where my new concept comes into play.

Unlike a regular one, this lazy Susan doesn’t sit on top of the table.  It’s actually an integral part of and built into the table itself.  It is at the same level and flush with tabletop surface.  This opens an entire new dimension in versatility.  Are you wondering what happens if a glass of milk gets filled, or somebody knocks over the gravy boat?  The lazy Susan is easily removed.  The table comes in handy for jigsaw puzzles and some board games too, like scrabble.

In keeping with the rest of the product line, be assured this table is indeed top quality.  There is no particleboard used here.  All visual components, tabletop, pedestal base, and legs are all constructed of solid oak.  A high grade veneer plywood is used for a structural agent only and is hidden up inside.  The 17 inch premium swivel base is used in the 50 inch tables.  The 24 inch base is used in the 62 inch tables, and the 30 inch premium base is in the 76 inch table.  The 88 and 100 inch tables utilized a special, company confidential, Swivel system. 

These tables arrived to you via UPS ground service, and are surprisingly easy to assemble.  This ready to assemble concept keeps shipping costs way down, saving you money over common carrier rates.

These tables start at only $1999