This is Myrtlewood.  Many feel that it’s the most beautiful wood in the entire world. One look at the sample on our storefront may just convince you too!! Just what is Myrtlewood and where does it come from?       

Oregon Myrtlewood is a broadleaf evergreen native to Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California. The Umpqua River watershed appears to be the northern boundary of it’s native habitat. Although different, Oregon Myrtlewood has a lot of similarities to the Myrtlewood growing in the Holy Land. Oregon Myrtlewood became popular for making gift items back in the early 1900’s. It is a hardwood which takes many finishes well. Oregon Myrtlewood possesses a wide variety of beautiful colors and grain patterns and is noted by many as being one of the worlds most beautiful woods. The color of the wood is often influenced by the minerals in the soil where it grows which could be a factor in its popularity here on the Oregon coast. The colors range from blond to black with many shades of honey, browns, grays, reds and greens in between. Oregon woodworkers have developed a small cottage industry making handcrafted Myrtlewood products and gifts for visitors and residents of the area. Many beautiful gifts and works of art crafted out of Myrtlewood.       

In the Bible, the Myrtle tree is of special religious significance, representing fertility and life.  I use only the very best Myrtlewood lumber available. I caution people to be aware that there are inferior grades of this species.  These may be noted by the lack of characteristic color and grain patterns. Use of these lower grades by other woodworkers may produce an inferior piece of furniture. I realize and understand that if you are considering a  lazy susan for your beautiful  dining room table, it must be as good a quality as the table it will be displayed on.     Other items you must consider are service and timely shipping. Does it annoy you when you hear your order will be shipped in 6 to 8, maybe even 12 weeks?  When you pay top dollar for one of my pieces, you are assured of not only a high quality piece of furniture, you will also receive top quality service. My commitment to you is that in most circumstances lead time will be limited to one week or less from date of order to ship date.     

I am often asked “What size susan would be good for my table?” Well, if it’s going to be a decorative susan, then it can be any size you like. However, if it’s to be a functional piece, I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a circle pattern out of paper. Click here for an easy way to make one. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you recieve it.      Custom sizes are available. Simply email me for a speedy quote.