Solid Alder

Here are our standard sizes of Alder Lazy Susans. Custom sizes are also available, just email for a speedy quote.  ( 

I find Alder to be quite an interesting species. It can be clear as in a nice clear pine, or have special character knots as the Knotty Pine. With a wide color range, character defects and minor blemishes, it assures that each piece is very different from the one before. As with the Knotty Pine, I use a grade of Alder that has good character, but not any wide open gaping knot holes.     

I understand  that when you consider one of my lazy susans for your beautiful dining room table, it must be as good a quality as the table it will be displayed on.    When you pay top dollar for one of my pieces, you are assured of not only a high quality piece of furniture, you will  also receive top quality service. My commitment to you is that in most circumstances lead time will be limited to one week or less from date of order to ship date.    

  I am often asked “What size susan would be good for my table?” Well, if it’s going to be a decorative susan, then it can be any size you like. However, if it’s to be a functional piece, I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a circle pattern out of paper. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you receive it.      

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