LSKD-9  Kitchen Lazy Susan, Double Deck

LSKD-9 Kitchen Lazy Susan, Double Deck

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These are my Solid Double Decker Lazy Susans. Unlike the cheap 12 inch plastic ones that you find in the store, these ones are a huge 22 inches in diameter and constucted with a heavy duty 3/4 inch Melamine product. If your kitchen cabinets are all white on the inside, this is the same type of material. They are designed to fit in your shelving that is a minimum of 22 inches wide and deep. Most lower kitchen cabinets and pantry stands are a standard 22 inches deep. Custom sizing and spacing is available. Please email for a quote. Both shelves are solid, in that they don’t fold or hinge. The 6 inch spacing is great for cans of soup and  vegetables. The 9 inch spacing is ideal for boxes such as Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper and the like. The posts are made of a generous 7/8 wood dowelling. These units are very easy to assemble. The edging on both shelves will arrive installed. All you need to do is put in the 8 screws that hold the dowells in place an you’re set to go.

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